We offer family story recording in Ohio! You can schedule a session here.

Who we are

At Legacy Chronicles Life Stories, we seek to reconnect generations through our stories - who we are and where we've been. We value the unique memories you loved ones hold; we facilitate their unique expressions of those memories; we capture those processes through modern technology; and we secure those heirlooms in variety of formats which will allow you to hand on what you have received. Find out more about our family story recording service!

Recording options

Legacy Chronicles Life Stories of Bryan, Ohio strives to make the recording, production and sharing of family and group memories accessible and affordable for all, so that these valuable stories are not lost to future generations. We complete a family story recording session then secure your memories onto CDs which you can share! Our process is simple. Once you schedule a session with us, we ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire to help us guide the conversation and include important memories. Next, we come to your home and record. Several options are available - or contact us to customize the perfect family story recording session for you! Find out more about our family story recording options!

Schedule your session

Are you ready to set a date for family story recording? Click here to look at our upcoming schedule. Lock in a date and time for your family story recording session today and secure those memories for future generations. We'll confirm your appointment and send you a simple questionnaire to prepare for the recording session. When setting the appointment, you can take advantage of our Share It Discount and get 25% off our standard fee. Prepay through PayPal when you schedule, and you'll get an additional 5% off! Schedule your family story recording session now!

"The memories and stories of our loved ones are treasures – treasures which are too often lost."

~ Paul A. Miller, Owner & Folk Historian