Submit your recording

Did you know you can record your loved ones' stories on your phone, laptop or other devices and then submit them to us? We'll take those recordings, run them through our audio production process, break them into individual tracks, then burn them to CD. We'll use a photo you submit to create that personal CD label and cover. In two weeks, the CD will be completed and on the way to you! Our price for this service is $100.

To submit your recording or recordings, complete the form below. Remember, submitted material is limited to 60 minutes total, but can come in multiple files. MP3 is the preferred format, but we can process WAV and some other formats, depending on the system which created them. We will do our best to improve the quality of the sound if there are minor issues, but please do all you can to produce a crisp, clear recording - for us and for you and your family! If you have any questions about story recording, which recording devices to use, audio formats, etc., please contact us. You can also read our posts under "Homemade History" and "Tips" to learn more about do-it-yourself recording!