The WordPress Story: 6 Free Plugins to Spice Up Your Site

You worked hard on your site. Hours spent honing each detail and testing every change yielded something you loved and could be proud of.

But the thrill is gone.

Your photos seem flat. Your graphics are bland. Regular visitors have seen the same elements, over and over and over again.

You can almost see them yawning.

Fortunately, the WordPress world is constantly evolving. has documented the changes which tell the WordPress story and offer hope to sites which may be starting to slip. With over 52,000 plug-ins now available and more appearing all the time, you can find one to do almost anything.

Among the more important – and most valuable for your stale website – are the ever-blooming number of plugins which can instantly change a site’s look and a visitor’s interest level. More interest means more conversions.

Here are six free WordPress plug-ins to reignite the sparks with your website.

WP Customer Reviews

Your business is growing. Customers seem pleased with your products and services.

Now, it’s time to brag a little.

WP Customer Reviews allows customers to let you know how great you’re doing – and allows you to moderate what they say. This simple plug-in creates a page showing what people have to say, right on your blog.

Customizable and easily integrated, WP Customer Review lets you add or subtract fields, edit reviews – even include it after posts. You can even adjust its stylesheet to line up with your theme.

Adding reviews helps improve search results, strengthens credibility and confidence in shoppers, and provides another contact point with customers. WP Customer Reviews is a great free plug-in to bring new life to your WordPress site.

Popup Maker

Whoa, there – don’t go leaving just because you saw the word “popup”!

I didn’t lead with this because of the virtual gag reflex “popup” triggers. Yes, popups have been overused, even abused, on websites since the time “dot com” was still a bubble.

Yet, when used correctly, popups have a role to play on websites which engage the visitor. With over 28% of all sites now powered by WordPress, it’s important you take advantage of opportunities to make yours unique.

Popup customization is what you need and Popup Maker delivers – for free. Simplify your pages with popups that define terms, present options, and offer discounts.

Keep it interesting with slides, floats, and animation. You define the size, content, actions – everything required to create an effective popup. You even set the conditions so only the right customers see your creations.

Best of all, form support is integrated, so your email marketing list just keeps growing.

Popup Maker: An eye-catching plug-in to keep your visitors engaged.

Call Now Button

Wouldn’t it be nice if your website was just a little smarter?

For many businesses – service providers and brick-and-mortar outlets in particular – reaching the consumer at the right moment is crucial. Often, site visitors will have questions about inventory, compatibility, pricing options, availability – details they may find challenging to track down on a smartphone.

Yet, mobile is becoming a powerhouse in e-commerce. WordPress is designed to adapt your website to device parameters and maximize your opportunity to sell.

If only your site could recognize the visitor’s device and give that shopper a chance to contact you directly.

With the Call Now Button, your website can do just that.

Simple and easy to install, the Call Now Button appears at the bottom of the screen only when a mobile device is recognized, eliminating pointless graphics for other users. Impulse buys, food delivery, appointment scheduling – it’s all as close as a tap for visitors on mobile.

Tah-dah! Now mobile use of your e-commerce site is something you want to promote.

NextScripts: Social Network Auto Poster

Blogging can be a lot of work. Sure, there’s the writing side – but even if you outsource it, you still have to promote it. That means sharing across multiple social networks and partner blogs.

Oh, the drudgery.

Not anymore! Install and set up the NextScripts: Social Network Auto Poster plug-in and rid yourself of link references, checklists, and a worn out “share” button.

This free plug-in automatically shares your blog posts with social media platforms large and small. Share content and image options are included.

This one will let you spend more quality time with your blog doing the things you love – rather than the things you have to do.

Kiwi Social Share

Now that you’ve simplified your own sharing across social media, why not do a better job of inviting your visitors to do the same?

The free Kiwi Social Share plug-in gives you the ability to make your social media share buttons more visually interesting and appealing. Above or below content, on posts, on pages – you decide. Design options range from formal to free-flowing and are easily changed through the interface, allowing a “spruce up” when the time is right. Button order can also be customized.

Fast loading speeds increase the follow through and distribute your message further.

Sharing is caring, and this little plug-in will spread the love.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Okay, enough toying around. It’s time to commit to changing the look of your website.

You know what that means: Shortcodes.

Do you have an idea for your site which isn’t an option in your theme? Tabs on the welcome page? A button to take visitors to a new offering? Attractive design elements to guide the eye?

Shortcodes Ultimate is the free plug-in to answer those artistic urges. The editor interface allows you to insert over 50 standard shortcodes in pages where you want them. The elements appear in the live preview, providing confidence and control.

Use video to bring a subject to life. Guide visitors to guest and member sections. Enlarge important offers or notes.

Shortcodes Ultimate can sparkle up those dry pages and fire up your passion for your WordPress website.